Wisconsin Has Lowest Car Insurance Rates


Do you want one of the lowest auto insurance rates in the United States? It might not be a bad idea to look into getting some car insurance out of Wisconsin. Although, the auto insurance premiums in the city of Milwaukee have been increasing rapidly even more than the national average.

An online study done by insurance companies around America says their research found that Wisconsin has a typical insurance premium. It is one thousand and forty dollars to be exact, which is lower than the average. Wisconsin has the eighth lowest car insurance rates in the United States.

Wisconsin Leading In Insurance Premiums

In the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin the auto coverage rates have gone up by thirty-two percent since 2011. That number alone is twelve percent more than the national average of America says insurance specialist. According to the recent study Milwaukee’s annual coverage premiums were at one thousand one hundred and thirty-two dollars. They Have since gone up.

An example was given to us by the team on this study that proves there is an eight hundred and two dollar difference of premium coverage’s that are just cities apart. As for drivers in the 53206 area, which is the north side of Milwaukee will pay annual around one thousand seven hundred and forty-three dollars for their coverage. While drivers in Grafton, Milwaukee areas will pay only nine hundred and forty-one dollars every year for premiums auto insurances.

The differences are astounding fifty-four percent between to neighbor cities. For examination purposes, auto insurance investigation utilized a 30-year-old single male driving a newer Honda Accord EX with a decent driving history. And scope points of confinement of fifty thousand real damage risk per individual, hundred thousand real damage obligation per mishap, fifty thousand property harm risk per mischance, with a five hundred deductible for far-reaching and crash.

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