Will Apple Create The First Universal Car Charger?

Universal Car Charger

Charging electric cars is one of the major setbacks in the automotive realm. Recent reports state  Apple will be making a universal car charger, which is raising concerns of the consumers.

With self-driving and electric cars making a comeback, the companies that design electric cars see battery powered vehicles grace our presence from the mid-’90s to present. No one has created a standard unification in how they receive their energy and electricity. Will Apple be the first to offer such technology?

To this day, there is not a single universal charger for any of the vehicles that utilize electricity. Most notably, Tesla has a charging network that it unique and charger that will not work with any other system. It becomes extremely evident when you attempt to charge one in areas like Chicago that offer many stations to charge electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt. However, if you have a Tesla, you will have to search for the proper adapter.

Apple is now researching the best way to charge the cars by collaborating with the companies that develop the charging stations and then hire engineers who are experts in this field.

Here is a snippet of the report and it sources description:

Apple, who has yet to acknowledge their car project publicly, has declined to make any comments on this topic. Neither the online profiles or inside sources have explicitly stated Apple will be actually constructing stations to charge the cars. However, automotive sources said last year that Apple was potentially thinking about developing an electric car that drives itself.

What’s Next?

Apple is currently talking about future technology among the various companies that develop charging stations. There has not been actual reporting or concerns with Apple employees and their use of the charging stations that are already in use.

There are countless amounts of profit that will be created in developing a universal electric car charger.  Apple has plenty of experience when it comes to making it happen already with phone and computer charging.

Life would be easier for the tens-of-thousands that own these vehicles, if they could develop one systems that works for all vehicles. But if this ends up being another competition for corporate dominance, we may have to wait a bit longer before electric cars will be as simple to charge as getting fuel at the gas station.

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