What’s In Store For Your First Driving Lesson

Driving lesson

The day has come, the day of your first driving lesson! You finally get in the driver’s seat for the first time. It’s an exciting day. However, it can be pretty nerve-wracking as well.

It helps to know what to expect in advance, so make sure you’re ready. It will come easier for you if you are familiar and confident with what’s coming next.

Before Your Lesson

*Get some rest
*Try not to drink the previous night
*Eat Breakfast!
*Check where and when you’re being picked up
*Wear comfortable, non-slip shoes
*Take glasses if needed
*Remember your temporary permit

The Pick-Up

*Try not to stress – you be in the driver’s seat right away!
*You’ll be getting in the passenger seat to begin, while your teacher takes you to a peaceful place for you to remember the fundamentals.

Ready In The Car

When you’ve come to a quiet street, your teacher will have you switch to the driver’s seat.

They will explain the drill to acquaint you with the checks you’ll have to do each time you drive.

Remember DSSSM:

*Doors closed completely?
*Sitting comfortably?
*Steering position ready?
*Seatbelt is on?
*Mirrors properly adjusted?

The Controls

Next, you’ll get a run-through of the brake, clutch, and accelerator, how to use the handbrake, and how to change gears.

Don’t be scared to ask to go through the controls again.

Try not to stress though; your teacher will talk you through everything as you go.

The Roads Ahead

You got it: Time to drive. Before you start the motor, your teacher will explain the procedures:

*Getting off: preparing to use your gears
*Clutch control
*Checking your blond spots and mirrors
*Signaling with your indicator
*Changing gears
*Stopping the car, covering the brake and the clutch
*Curbside parking

Once your moving, try to relax. Remember that your instructor has their own controls, so you can focus on learning with no fear.

If you get the chance move onto the roads, so you can experience proper driving.

After Your Lesson

Your teacher will usually drop you off at home once your time is up. Talk to them about how you found the experience and anything you think you more time on.

Try to schedule the same time for a few weeks as some driving instructors offer discounts. You will most likely have two or three lessons a week to reduce the time between lessons. That way you will remember what you’ve learned.

But no need to rush. We all learn at a different pace, and it’s essential that you are completely ready when taking your test.

You’ll Be Fine

Think about the silliest person you know that drives. If they can do it, you’ll have no issues.

Also, if you think about a question, ask it. I guarantee it’s not the most ridiculous thing your teacher will hear.

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