What To Know When Financing a New Car


Financing a New car over an extended period can become an owner’s nightmare. It can end up costing a buyer more money in the long run, but it’s one thing potential car owners bypass before stepping into a dealership for the first time. When looking at interest rates and loan terms, one of the biggest factors is getting a good deal, but if someone who’s’ interested in a buying a car doesn’t know what they’re doing, they could potentially end up spending way more money than they thought in the end.


First, a potential buyer should go to different dealerships looking for low-interest rates. Get in contact with loaners and credit unions to see who’s administering the lowest rates around you for differing loan lengths. People can go online to bankrate.com to check out rates from different venues and to see the results of different down payments loan lengths, and interest rates using their loan calculator.


You will receive a rough estimate from lenders if you don’t know your current credit score. Your FICO score determines how much you will pay to finance your car. One site that can be used to obtain one’s credit and FICO score is CreditKarma.com.


Checking out different loan options should not mess with your credit score. Experts at Autotrader.com say that numerous inquiries on a potential burrower’s credit score from car lenders that happen within a fairly short time span should come up as a single request for FICO purposes.


If you are struggling with getting approval from auto lenders, try putting at least 20 percent of the transaction price down. It shows that you are serious and willing to do whatever it takes to get that car. Also, it may swing things in your favor.


Try to find a loan length that has the low month to month payments, but stay from maxing out in this regard. Since car prices have been on the rise, six and seven-year car loans starting to be more common. Car loaners are charging sky-high on interest rates with longer loan lengths making it almost impossible to pay off the car. Buyers are seeing that they are paying three times more over the years on their loan than initially quoted.


Make sure you go over not only credit agreements, but any contract with a fine-tooth nail, make sure you grasp every concept of the contract before putting your John Hancock on any dotted line.


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