Ways To Drive Without Owning A Car

ways to drive

Let’s be honest, living in the city can be a struggle when it comes to find a parking place.  Especially, close by where you live and having to walk in the cold weather blocks away from your home. Parking in the city when you work downtown can even be worse because some parking places have time restrictions so more than likely you will have a parking ticket if you are not back in time. In this article, we will be discussing some ways to have 24/7 access to any car.

Ways To Drive Without Owning A Car

Some people who live in city areas are always looking for a carpool to dodge the prices and reasonability when it comes to buying a vehicle. Although, most people want access to a car when it is needed without actually having to own one.

Zipcar is a car rental service that you can rent a vehicle of your choosing by the hour. Keep in mind most companies that allow you to rent their autos by the hour typically required some membership. Zipcars memberships can cost starting from one seven dollars a month and up and they do charge a twenty-five dollar application fee as well.

The rental car service Zipcar business has rental fees starting around seven dollars hourly up to eighty dollars a day. All these prices will vary on the day for how long and the location. Another great thing about renting a vehicle hourly is that the gas and auto insurance is in their rates.

Car2go is another type of rental car business but is only available in the United States. Car2go car rental company has no monthly charges, and you do not need a membership. The only thing they charge is a five dollar sign up fee. You can rent a vehicle of your choice for fifteen dollars an hour or fifty-nine dollars a day. This particular car rental service is where you can rent a car of your choice leave it wherever you want, and someone else borrows it next.

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