Uber Bought & Rented Defective Cars


An Uber service car was on fire after overheating. In 2016 there was an announcement on a recall for the Honda Vezel due to an electrical component default. It can lead to overheating the vehicle, which can cause the auto to catch fire.

Uber’s public image has had its troubles over most of the year of 2017.

Now it is only getting worse due to the recent news that one of its vehicles caught fire. Although, after the large purchase of over a thousand of these defaulted vehicles the Japanese Uber Singapore company recalled the cars as soon as possible. They now consider driving the vehicles as a driving hazard.

One of  Singapore drivers Koh Seng Tian experienced the Honda Vezels catching fire while he was on the job. Koh Seng Tian thankfully walked away from the incident in January 2017 without any bodily injuries. A recent statement given by the car service states that as soon as they found out that their Honda Vezel vehicles defaulted, they took action.

Uber also says that the thousands of Honda Vezels were bought mostly from the Lion City rental fleet. Also, that they want to fix the autos before any more caught fire.  Uber car service has hired three additional experts  to find out as soon as possible about any recalls on their vehicles.

All the employees in Singapore knew the chances of the vehicles catching fire and still chose to buy the vehicles.

After flares had softened out up Koh’s car, Uber’s Singapore administration reached the organization’s Silicon Valley HQ to state it would deactivate the flawed segment, leave the autos out and about and anticipate new parts. It’s been a year full of trouble for the Uber. The organization is searching for another CEO after the previous CEO, Travis Kalanick, chose to step down. The decision came after mass complaints.

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