Turo, The New Innovative Car Rental Service


The car rental service Turo is perfect for those who are looking for style, want to go out and see the wild, or if one is looking to stay low brow after getting off a flight.

How much does Turo cost?

Though Turo may not be the choice for every occasion, it’s on the affordable side of rentals, accommodating, and something worth experiencing when it comes to rental agencies.

For example, if you were looking for a rental in San Francisco for two weeks, Turo’s rental prices, for say, a 2008 Hyundai Accent starts at $21-a-day. Insurance for the vehicle will run you around $20 per day. However, an entry-level rental in the same city begins at $59 for similar vehicles. Also, this number doesn’t include insurance.

Turo, New Car Rental Service

Signing up

It’s an easy process to sign up for Turo. You can either use your email address or sign up using your Facebook or Google account. Next, add some information about yourself. Afterward, hitting the send button, you will receive a confirmation email that will require you to prove your identity and eligibility to drive.

Choosing a vehicle

Finding the right vehicle with Turo is like finding the perfect vacation rental. On their site, enter the name of the place you will be visiting as well as the dates. Next, pick which type of car you desire for your trip. The company has over 850 unique makes and models within a database of more than 350,000 vehicles.

Keep in mind; it may be easier for you to find your dream car in bigger cities while the company continues to expand.

Picking up

Picking up the car varies from owner to owner. However, lucky individuals have the opportunity for the vehicle to be brought to them. There is also the option to filter this option on Turo’s website.

Once you receive the car, be sure to do a thorough check of the vehicle for and previous damages, scratches, dents, as well as gas and tire levels.

Before the car is yours, show the driver your license, and it’s yours!


Make sure that the gas levels are where they when you received the car. Go over the vehicle with the owner of the car or the representative. Once everything is done, hand them the keys, and you are good to go.

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