Toyota Mirai’s Huge Billboard Is Pro-Clean Air

Toyotas Mirai's

Yes, an auto company is finally on board for reducing air pollution in our mother earth. Toyotas Mirai’s vehicle has a particular titanium dioxide coating mixes with the environment which will reduce the pollutions in our air. Toyota Mirai has made this possible by using the new eco-billboard technology with the single emission being vapored by water. Advertising this fantastic news with a huge billboard its fuel cell vehicle around areas of California.

PURETi Group, LLC developed the eco-billard technology using a titanium dioxide coated vinyl to clean and purify air quality. Thanks to PURETi Group, LLC with this new technique we can look forward to cleaner air with less pollution. There are also hopes for other auto companies to follow behind. Nitrogen dioxide changes over to nitrate and expells from the air when oxygen responds to titanium dioxide impetus. The filtration framework just requires light, mugginess, and wind stream over the titanium dioxide covering to work.

Toyota is always looking and researching for new ways to improve the environment using the best in new technology. The general manager of advanced technology for Toyotas Motor Company of North American explains that at the point when Clear Channel Outdoor Americas presented to us the open door, we considered it to be a perfect match. With this new outlook campaign from Toyota Mirai’s newest vehicle will be the auto of change. And they will keep their promises for a better future.

Toyotas Mirai campaign will start April 3rd, 2017 and end May 28th, 2017; the eco-billboard will be across San Francisco and Los Angeles market areas with 37 billboards in all together with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas. Toyota says the eco-billboards will make an aggregate of 24,960 sq.- ft. of the surface that can turn around the NOx equivalency of 5,285 vehicles throughout a month. NOx adds to acid rain and brown haze.

Senior regional president and Executive vice president of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, Gene Leehan made a statement saying that Toyota is satisfied to offer their ecologically conscious customers as well as more eco-accommodating printed vinyl choice for their Out-of-Home also known as OOH media battles. Gene Leehan also adds that the eco campaign marks a U.S. first for the use of this technology on OOH. They also look forward to making it available to other like-minded advertisers companies.

Toyota Mirai’s Is Pro-Clean Air

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