The Top Three Car Leasing Companies

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With the high cost of newer vehicles and lack of desire to try and fully finance a vehicle. Car leasing has become increasingly popular among American consumers. Many dealerships and small businesses offer leasing as an option when searching for a new vehicles.

In today’s world though, online car leasing companies have become a better alternative than dealing with the dealerships themselves. These companies work along side dealerships to help shoppers everywhere get into new vehicles. There are even sites where people can look into trading their leases with others. The following are among the most highly rated online car leasing companies, they either deal exclusively with leasing, or do both leasing and financing.

Rated #1 by consumers and Forbes is CarsDirect | 10/10

CarsDirect is a solid 10/10 for its track record of excellent customer service and ability to deliver. One aspect that sets them apart from a traditional car leasing companies is that they also cater to low or bad credit scores. You tell them what you want and they work with dealerships. As well as financiers to get you exactly what you want for far less than what you would get going to a dealership yourself.

Among general reviews you will find constant reports about representatives. That they went above and beyond expectations to help people get into the car they wanted at prices they could afford.

Another top rated leasing company is Autoflex | 8/10

Autoflex is a good 8/10, and has been a consumers choice award winner since 2006. They are one of the top car leasing companies that deals exclusively with leasing.

Some of the things that have made them so highly rated is that they have no down payment or security deposit leases. They accept trade ins, and offer in depth GAP coverage to cover the balance in case the car becomes totaled before the lease is finished. They also have services available for people with less than ideal credit.

The only demerit they have is that there is not always an option to buy. Which some people prefer to do when looking to down size bills.

A final contender among car leasing companies if D&M Leasing | 6/10

D&M Leasing ranks the lowest of the three with a score of 6/10. They offer a lot of the same features and services as the other car leasing companies, but what they lack in some ways are enough positive reviews to outweigh the bad.

On numerous consumer boards there are reports of people receiving vehicles. Serious mechanical issues that were not disclosed to them. The reports range from dangerously bulging tires that had been rotated to hide the wear. All the way to damaged engine blocks that failed soon after assumption of the vehicle.

While there are also many customers who were quite satisfied. With the helpful and friendly staff and who had no complaints about the vehicles, it is something to be kept in mind. The frequency of receiving a defective vehicle is still relatively low for the volume of cars they deal with.

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