The Greatest New Vehicles For 2017

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The greatest new vehicles for 2017 have amazing performance. Also, they proved to be safe, reliable and satisfying to drive. Even so, they also have high scores on owner surveys and track tests. These vehicles have won us over, and we confidently recommend them. What Does It Take To Be On Top? Overall Score A model requires an excellent overall score to become a top pick in its category.

However, the number comes from a mix of things like owner satisfaction, road-test performance, reliability, and safety. Furthermore, a vehicle is truly extraordinary if it can beat the competition in these categories. Road Test, All things considered, each vehicle’s performance is measured on over 50 evaluations consisting of track tests. As well as convenience, and comfort by staff using them daily. Reliability By analyzing issue reports from the 2016 surveys on over a half a million vehicles, it’s easy to predict how worry-free new cars will be this year.

2017 Top New Vehicles

As a matter of fact, these predictions depend on the track record of the manufacturer, while taking into account of any upgrades or changes to the model. Owner Satisfaction In simple terms, a good vehicle should keep its owner happy. Owner satisfaction rates highly depend on the percentage of owners surveyed that say they would buy the same car again. For example, the most recent data comes from over 300,000 cars with 2014 model years or later. Safety All vehicles that Consumer Reports recommend require an outstanding performance in track tests on accident-avoidance. However, they must also have effective crash tests proving to protect their occupants. Actually, models with automatic emergency brakes and forward collision warning systems receive credit from Consumer Reports.

1. Toyota Yaris IA, Subcompact 2. Chevy Cruze, Compact 3. Toyota Prius, Compact Hybrid 4. Mazda MX-5 Miata, Sports Model 5. Kia Optima, Mid-size Sedan 6. Chevy Impala, Large Sedan 7. Subaru Forester, Smaller SUV 8. Toyota Highlander, Mid-size SUV 9. Audi Q7, Luxury SUV 10. Honda Ridgeline, Compact Pickup

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