Tesla Model Y Beats Lamborghini Urus in Vehicle Review


The Tesla Model Y has been compared to the crossovers by Lexus and Toyota before. While Tesla’s third row of seating and wide price range with AWD, allowing it to compete with various Toyota and Lexus models, it’s more than that.

Currently, Tesla offers four versions of its Model Y. However, only three of those options cover the eight total models by Lexus and Toyota— Long Range, AWD, and the Value. While the other two companies have a broad lineup, nothing they have compares to the Model Y. The Lexus RX 350 Sport claimed a zero to sixty time in 7.7 seconds. Meanwhile, the Model Y Performance claimed a time of 3.5 seconds.

Lamborghini made a performance crossover— the Urus. Exotic car rental agencies have mentioned how popular the Urus is with customers. Some are even considering purchasing more due to its popularity.

The Urus goes from zero to sixty in 3.6 seconds. As stated above, the Y Performance time to sixty mph is only 3.5 seconds. Put into consideration that there is also room for two more passengers compared to the Urus, at a whopping seven seats. Compare pictures of the two, and they don’t seem to look much different either.

Another perk to choosing the Tesla Model Y over the Lamborghini is its price tag. The Lamborghini is more than three times more than the Model Y and is less roomy and a smidge slower to boot.

Tesla Model Y — Crossing Classes

While this isn’t a detailed review of the two vehicles, here’s a quick look at the disruption caused by the new Model Y. It seems the industry is unaware of how much it will impact the rest of the auto industry. Tesla created a single crossover competitive against vehicles ranging in price from the Toyota C-HR to the expensive Lamborghini Urus. The Model Y also shares the majority of its parts with the Model 3 Sedan. This genius financial move saved the company billions in development. Tesla could have designed various vehicles to cover these markets, but at a much more drastic cost to them.

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