Tesla Accused of Inaccurate Battery Mileage


A California Tesla owner has filed a class-action lawsuit, claiming the car manufacturer falsely advertised the maximum miles the vehicle’s battery will run on a full charge. He also states that the company is denying battery replacement under the car’s advertised warranty. 

Hugh Nguyen, on behalf of himself and others, filed the suit against Tesla Inc. according to the July 23 U.S. District Court for the Central District of California filing. He alleges violations of the Federal Trade Commission Used Car Rule and the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Additionally, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and Song-Beverly Act, and other counts.

Himself and the potential class members purchased used Tesla Model S or Model X Class vehicles after the automaker began its certified pre-owned program in April 2015. According to the suit, Tesla has sold almost 13,000 used Tesla Model S cars in the U.S.. Furthermore, nearly 5,000 sold in the state of California.

The suit states Tesla included a 50,000-mile or two-year, 100,000-mile warranty and advertised an eight-year, unlimited mile battery warranty for the vehicles. Nguyen argues his Tesla vehicle, which is broadcast to reach about 210 miles of range on a full battery charge, only reaches 166 miles on a total cost per a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimation. He alleges the defendant denied his warranty battery replacement despite what he believes is a possible defect.

Edward C. Chen of the Law Offices of Edward C. Chen in Irvine, California represents the plaintiff. The plaintiff seeks a temporary and permanent order enjoining Tesla from allegedly unfair business practices, a recall on the vehicles, and equitable relief in the form a buyback of the class vehicles.

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