Teens Today are Waiting to get Drivers License


It seems like teenagers can’t wait to turn 16 and can get their drivers license. However, now it looks like that rite of passage is one that most teens are willing to put off.

Lana Sutherland, office manager at Bi-State Driving School, says that it seems like waiting to get a drivers license is a growing trend.

Sutherland says that teens are not interested. Less and less of them are interested in going out at an early age.

The main factor in a decrease of young drivers is the lack of drivers education public schools offer. Much of it also falls on the parents.

Sutherland says that she thinks parents feel a significant amount of pressure to go out of their way to meet their kid’s needs. Therefore, they drive them themselves.

Because of fewer young drivers and much better safety technology, teen driver fatalities are down sixty-four percent since 1974. The number of miles driven by people ages 16-34 dropped 23 percent between 2001 and 2009.

In Kansas, people can take drivers ed courses beginning at the age of 14 to start the process of receiving their full licenses. Instruction permits are available to drivers as young as 15 in Kansas and Missouri. Sutherland says she rarely sees teens starting that early anymore.

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