Sustainable Cars: 2020 Toyota Prius Prime


With growing concerns for environmental sustainability, hybrid-electric cars are becoming more popular than ever. Buyers look for a vehicle that fits their lifestyle while reducing the need to refuel at a gas station. With these two things in mind, the current Toyota Prius does not fall short. The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime has caught the attention of many for its technological innovation and hybrid capabilities.

Tech Capabilities

The most attractive update to the 2020 Toyota Prius model is the expansion of technological capabilities throughout the interior and on the dashboard. Now with ease, Apple CarPlay, Sirius XM satellite radio, and Amazon Alexa can be utilized to create a comfortable driving experience. Additionally, USB ports added to the backseat for the offer convenient charging to all smartphone owners (i.e., millennials and Gen Z) look for these days. Road trips are covered.

There are incentives for purchasing the Prius, which makes it a popular consumer choice. In Quebec, for example, the government offers financial incentives and discounts for the purchases of environmentally conscious vehicles and bikes.

Road Trips In This Toyota

Drivers that are hesitant about making the transition to a fully electric car find middle ground with the Prius Prime. While there is the option to charge the car for shorter trips, longer trips benefit from the hybrid engine. There is the option to use gas when charging stations aren’t available. Braking also generates electricity for the Prius as another way to cut down on fuel usage. The versatility of the vehicle is not new to the Toyota Prius, but it contributes to the vehicle’s positive reputation.

In comparison to older Toyota hybrid models, the Prime does give the option to drive only with electricity. The vehicle will not shift between gas and electricity as it did before, even up steep hills. This feature is a slight update that will drastically affect the vehicle’s carbon footprint. A flat environment, such as a city, would be the ideal place to drive.

Our Verdict

Overall, the 2020 Toyota Prius Prime has a lot to offer for the city-oriented, sustainably conscious driver. Although it is not the sleekest ride, it does keep up with technological trends that feature hands-free controls. The Prime also provides a lot of flexibility for how sustainable you want your drive to be. It’s no wonder that the Prius tops the charts.

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