Skip The Trip Program For Teen Drivers

skip the trip

Teens in Iowa will soon be able to receive a learner’s driving permit by taking the test at their school with Skip the Trip. On Friday, the governor’s office announced that the Iowa Department of Transportation is working with certain schools in Iowa in a program called “Skip the Trip.”

State laws say that teens turning 14 must take their knowledge test for instructional permits at DOT or local county treasurer’s offices.

However, some parents have to take time off work or interrupt their daily schedules to get their child there. Sometimes they have to do so multiple times. According to Melissa Speigel, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Division Director, the program will help save parents time and costs.

New Skip The Trip Program Allow Students To Take Driver’s Permit Test  At School

Skip the Trip is a new web-based system. It offers the same driving knowledge test at schools as they do at the DOT.
Gov. Kim Reynolds says that everyone in Iowa should receive the same services all around. Also, that she knows that parents and caregiver don’t always have the extra time available to wait in long lines. The Skip the Trip program will allow them a more modern way to access many services available for those in the state.

In order to partake in the program, students have to be 14 years old or older. Also, they cannot currently have an Iowa instruction permit. They will also have to enroll in a participating school or agency. Schools participating in the program and outside agencies have the time to administer these tests conveniently for students.

Once a student successfully completes their test, they will receive an email verification. They will then have to take verification to the driver’s license service center. They will all have to bring any other documentation that will prove their identity.

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