North Courtland Starts Online Driving School

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North Courtland city council has recently approved restarting it’s driving school program under the city’s newest administration. As for now, North Courtland district will only offer the safe driving school online says Spencer Butler the local Chief of Police.

Lee Langham, a councilman, asked why the city is not planning a driving school one a month in the local town hall. Lee Langham expresses his worry for people who may take their driver’s safety online.  He also included that some people have anxiety dealing with computers and newer technology. Although Chief of police Spencer Butler says, the city is on a tight budget and isn’t able to train nor afford to get a police officer certified. Spencer Butler also added that there would be helpful for the people struggling with using a computer during the test if needed.

North Courtland Driving School Opening Soon

Spencer Butler said qualified drivers were getting a reference can take the three-hour test whenever. Driving school enabled the ticket to be rejected and kept off the driving record. Spencer Butler said referred to drivers will pay $203 to take the test. He said $38 would go to the PC organization and $35 to the County Commission. They do so to enable pay down the Lawrence County To imprison development bond. The rest of the $130 will be for court costs, pay rates and go into the city’s general reserve, said Mayor Riely Evans Sr.

When I took office, I met with the officials and lawyer Dave Martin about the $35 imprison expense, Evans said. We will keep on paying the $35 for those going to driving school. On the off chance that they are they have  to paying, they will pay the region. The company needs to do what’s best for the town and the area.

Evans said he feels it is correct that the city pays the $35 for driving school. That is rather than Town Creek’s position on the issue. The Town Creek Town Council voted a year ago to proceed not paying the $35 imprison expense.

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