North Carolina Trooper Opens Driving School

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There’s a new driving school coming to North Carolina. Phillip Glover, a retired Highway Patrol trooper will use his experience to teach students. It’s been three years since Glover retired from patrolling North Carolina Highways. While a trooper, he was able to help create drivers ed programs in his area.

He says that while being on highway patrol, he was always apart of the educational aspect of highway safety. He tells reporters that it’s been a passion of his for some time.

After retiring, he wanted to continue to work with adults and teens to help reduce the number of deaths and car accidents in his area of town.

Former North Carolina Highway Trooper Starts Driving School

Thus, the Safe Lane Driving School was born this past June.

Glover utilizes his experience with handling car wreck as learning tools for his classes. He brings up certain cases to teach students safe driving habits. Also, which intersections and roads that are more wreck prone.

He says that he feels as though he can give the students a different outlook on what it’s like to actually be on the road.

Glover’s classes were first private for those that were beginners and those the age of 18. Now, the classes are open to adults and children.

Safe Lane happens to be the only driving school with an AAA approval in Charlotte, North Carolina. The school offers four and eight-hour defense driving classes for people he may have been ordered by courts to take classes.

The former trooper also offers classes on the weekend. He does so because Glover knows that his high school students have not only homework, but after school activities to attend. The former trooper also works around his adult student’s schedules so that they don’t have to miss work. He says that it is essential to remain flexible.

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