No Win No Fee Lawyer: What You Need to Know

no win no fee solicitor

A no win no fee lawyer can offer practical options to those who can’t afford to pay high hourly rates for legal representation. Personal injury attorneys often work on a conditional fee basis, as they know that most of their clients don’t have the financial resources to pay a large retainer.

If you need justice after an accident and you feel that you have a strong case, conditional fee solicitors are a good choice, as long as they have strong reputations in the community. To help you learn about these types of options, we’ve created a detailed guideline. Our goal is to empower you by helping you to find the right attorney for your needs.

How to Find the Right Lawyer

First off, you’ll need to know that a lawyer even offers a conditional fee payment structure. Some attorneys do and some attorneys don’t. The best way to find out this information is to do a little research and homework online. By visiting the websites of personal injury lawyers in your own locality, you’ll narrow things down and be able to come up with a short list of viable candidates. While it may take a little time, it will be an investment in the future outcome of your case.

Try using the keywords, “conditional fee solicitors”, plus your town or city name. It should produce an instant list of lawyers. If you are interested in finding a personal injury lawyer, add the search term “personal injury” to the beginning of your keywords.

Next, move forward by visiting the official websites of the first three or four lawyers on the list. Look at their Web pages to determine whether or not they offer “conditional fee” services. If this is the case, move onto the next step, which is checking out their credentials and reputations. As with any line of work, there are great people, mediocre people and sub-par people. You need to find a great lawyer. This means reviewing biographical information about attorneys, such as where they attended college and law school, what their win-loss statistics is, and how much experience they have with your particular type of case. In most cases, this sort of information will be readily available. Lawyers know what prospective clients are looking for when they are vetting candidates, and most will offer it up on “about me” or home pages.

How to Communicate

After you vet a few lawyers, you may have a sense of who you want to contact. You may reach out via email, telephone or fax. Most lawyers don’t answer their own phones, so expect to speak to a legal receptionist or legal assistant. He or she will be there to guide you through the process of setting up an appointment. It may be possible to have a free consultation, which will allow you to discuss your case with the lawyer. While you will be gauging the level of rapport that you have with him or her, they will be trying to determine if you have a case they think they can win. If they don’t think they will win, they will likely not take your case at all.

Once you’ve met with a few lawyers, you should be ready to make a final decision. With a conditional fee solicitor, you’ll have to agree that a certain percentage of the monies will go to them right off the top, before you ever see it. That is, of course, if you win your case. This can be the result of a court battle, or it can be an out of court settlement. In most cases, the attorneys will strive for an out of court settlement. It’s can be far cheaper for the defendant and eliminate possible, costly surprises that can arise in court.

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