New Trend For Renting Cars From An App

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Nowadays it is a new trend and common for people to rent out rooms in their home through an app called Airbnb. Now there is a new trend where people are renting out their vehicles. The newest trend idea has become very helpful. Especially for all the people who fell victim to all the hurricanes happening the United States. So if you are in a pickle and your local auto rental businesses does not carry this new trend then just maybe your neighbor has a car rental to offer.

Brian Rose bought a Tesla Model S in 2015. He took a loan out paying around fifteen hundred dollars a month on his new vehicle. Although, Brian Rose was able to find a loophole to lower the cost of his new car payment at the time. He came up with the idea to rent his new car out to complete total strangers.

New Trend Of Using Turo App To Rent Cars

Rose was able to cut his debt to more than half. Brian Rose shared that he made over half of a hundred tips in the last past two years. Also that he was able to pay off his Tesla Model S 2015 in no time. He says now he is driving it for basically free. He lets other people enjoy it as well by renting his car for a few days. To this day he still rents his Tesla Model S 2015 to total strangers through the Turo app.

Turo application is an auto-sharing company that has well over 160,00 different cars to choose from. They also have a website that comes in handy. Turo app and website have everything from high-end cars such as BMWs and to more basic cars such as the Toyota Corolla. Large high-end companies rent out their vehicles as well through this app. Be that as it may, anyone can use that app to rent out their vehicle.

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