National Car Rental Review

National Car Rental Review

National Car Rental Review Overview

A major car rental service in the United States, National car rental franchises are all throughout the country. They offer a number of vehicles for short or long term rental agreements.

Not exactly the most popular of the car rental services in the US, National has a bit of a reputation for lax service. However, some suspect customer service is not exactly the kind of thing that you want to hear. On people that you could be (potentially) spending hundreds of dollars with on a regular basis.

In addition, all things considered, National and their car rental services are pretty standard across the board. Your particular experience is going to depend almost entirely on the franchise that you’re working with. The agents that are working in that department – not to mention the kind of fleet that your particular location keeps on hand at all times.

National Car Rental Review Pros

If you’ve read any of the National car rental reviews. You’ll see that things are pretty hit or miss with this particular service.

In addition, of all of the National car rental review testimonials you will find on the Internet today. Most of them talk about how deep the vehicle lineup is when you are looking to rent a car through them. You’ll be able to find compact vehicles, midsize sedans, luxury automobiles, and even SUVs. Also trucks (not to mention a handful of “exotic” vehicles at specific locations), fulfilling all of your automobile needs.

If there’s one thing  about the National car rental service, it’s that they know how to pick their rental car fleets.

However, if you find a high quality franchise in your local area. One that bad staff and run by people that actually care about customer service. You’ll find that they are incredibly helpful and will almost always go as far out of their way as possible to make sure that you have a positive experience.

National Car Rental Review Cons

Beware, if you run into the wrong National car rental franchise. This could be in for a world of problems and hassle. Unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced with a business.

We are talking about losing reservations, vehicles that are poor shape, sky high prices, and invisible charges without reason. Also, a number of other major issues that have made National a bit of a target when it comes to the Better Business Bureau and they are reporting agency.

It’s important to note that not all National car rental franchises are as bad as this.If you look at any of the National car rental review posts online through a number of different services. You can find that there are definitely some rotten eggs out there.

National Car Rental Review Final Verdict

If you are looking to rent a vehicle and your only option is National. You can pretty much going to be stuck crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

However, if you have other options available to you, you might want to look at a different service.

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