Modifying Cars In A Legal Manner As To No Be Seized

modifying cars

When it comes to modifying cars, laws in different countries can be difficult to get around. For example, cars have been seized by officers for simply having modifications. So, in countries like India, what modifications are acceptable? Here is a list of a few.

Body wraps

In India’s market, body wraps have been high in demand. Varying car shops and garages are able to install different vinyl wars that make cars look better than before. The wraps are illegal, do not compromise the original color of the vehicle.


Suspensions on standard cars can be replaced by those of high-performance for more of a quality drive.

Auxiliary lamps

Though changing out headlights can be dangers, auxiliary lamps are on the safer end.

Making the car plusher

In some countries, it is illegal to change the number eats in one’s car. Be that as it may, people can make the car more plusher in feel. Some owners change the trim of their doors, seats, and even dashboards as a way for their vehicle to feel more luxurious. Though not illegal, leather wraps can interfere with the car’s airbag, delaying them once deployed.

Modifying Cars

Fuel alterations

Safety features

In India, it is not illegal or one to install remote central locking. A lot of people buy vehicles that are not equipped with remote primary remote controlling. It’s the most cost efficient way to go about it. However, installing the remote control will cancel the warranty of the vehicle. With that said, the police will not seize your car for the electrical modification.

Convenience features

After purchasing a vehicle, the owner can buy other accessories to make the car drive smoother. Some features include review cameras and parking sensors that are high scale. Those who buy features on the lower end of the scale don’t receive the same convince.

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