Lower Car Insurance Rates Are Obtainable, Here’s How!

lower car insurance rates

Some think it’s hard to lower car insurance rates. More times than likely, if you have a car, your car insurance is a big part of your budget. With families who have more than one driver in the house, the price goes up more. Even more so for those with bad credit or an imperfect driving record.

Car insurance premiums too high? According to Consumer Reports, there are ways to obtain lower car insurance rates and receive the coverage you need.

The first way is to pick an insurer with a top rating.

Tobie Stranger, Money Editor at Consumer Reports, says not to be short-sighted. He says it’s not always about getting the lowest premium on your insurance. You want to be sure that the company you go through will pay your claim as soon as possible. Also, that you receive proper service from said company.

Afterwards, make sure that you have the right deductible. Though a higher deductible makes for less money on your premium per month, you will have to pay more money when you have a claim in place.

Stranger says that if you go this route, be sure to have enough money to pay your deductible in case of an accident.

Ways to Receive Lower Car Insurance Rates

There are ways to lower your rates if you are a driver with low-risk behaviors. Asking for discounts can help to lower your payments. There are discounts for those who use their car for short commutes. Also, teen drivers who are taking drivers training courses.

If your credit score is good, it can help save you some money on your insurance.

Bundling your policies can be very beneficial. Getting your home and auto insurance from the same company can mean for a big discount.

Some people think that if they stay with the same insurance company, that over time they will receive some benefit from being loyal. Those at Consumer Reports say that shopping can help to save a lot of money. For more information, visit ConsumerReports.org.

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