Leasing Hacks For First Time Lessees In 2017


When leasing a vehicle know that some cars are going lease better than others. Make sure you are doing your research before leasing a new or used vehicle. For example, you could have two similarly family size Lincolns that both retail for twenty-five thousand, but one could lease for around 50% less than the other. That is why researching different dealership will always get you the best deal possible.

Know before you chose to sign the dotted line that all auto leases are negotiable. When negotiating a car lease, it is just as if you were to purchase a car outright. The reason for this is because the selling price only determines how much you will pay. Leases you see at dealerships websites do not paint you the whole picture. Always negotiate your cost to have the best outcome for yourself and your family.

Other Leasing Hacks

It is not always necessary to put money down when leasing a vehicle. Motorist specialist says in theory any auto can be leased for around $200 a month without any money down. Although, when you put money down your monthly leasing payments will decrease depending on the amount.

Leasing a new or used car is not for everyone even if you can get the very best deal. Some cars are just bad leases. Some reasons include the miles on the auto, the year and make of the vehicle and for the time you want to use the leased vehicle.

The most significant rule when it comes to a car lease is the one percent rule. The best leasing deal is when you are only paying one percent a month off the retailed price of the car or truck you are leasing. For example $200 a month for a $20,000 with no money down, taxes and fees upfront is the best way to go. Keep in mind some people may even get a better or worse deal depending on their credit score.


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