Is The Nissan Navara The New Xterra?

Nissan got rid of the boxy, square Xterra after 2015, and not without a good reason. The truck-like SUV kept running in its second trial for ten years, sharing the stage with the Nissan Frontier. The Xterra is gone and there’s no sign of a revamp insight. However, Nissan has begun testing an SUV similar known as the Nissan Navara.

This model, then, is what that the Xterra would be if it was still around. The SUV has the same front end as the Navara with a central air intake near the base of the belt with the grill outline highlighting the same 2 bars making a V-shape.

The model doesn’t uncover anything else to the design of the SUV. We believe the SUV will come as a five and seven-seater. The SUV should offer the same motor choices as the Navara.

Around the world, Nissan offers bigger SUV’s with the Patrol or the Pathfinder. As well as smaller models as the X-Trail and the Qashqai. In the US, a Navara-based SUV will fit flawlessly between the Pathfinder and Nissan Murano.

However, before you get your hopes up on the return of the Xterra, don’t forget that the US Frontier and the global Navara are not the same. Nissan says that they both share the same components. However, the one we get is specifically for our market.

Because we like cars that are more fancy here in the U.S, Nissan makes the Frontier more sleek. There is no news on when the new Frontier will arrive, and we guess we won’t see this SUV anytime soon. Nissan will probably sell the SUV in Australia, Europe, and Asia, the same places as the Navara.

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