InsureMyTesla Results In Lowering Car Insurance


There may be another reason to purchase a new or used Tesla vehicle. An announcement from Tesla says that they are cheaper on car insurance premiums. In early October, the well-known car company Tesla announced their newly launched InsureMyTesla. The InsureMyTesla product was made especially for only Tesla vehicles that are being insured by the car insurance company Liberty Mutual Insurance. Although this InsureMyTesla product is new to the U.S., it is already available in twenty other countries around the world.

Tesla says their new product line for their customer is in order to keep car insurance premiums down. The InsureMyTesla product line will also streamline the cost associated with purchasing a new or used Tesla vehicle. Jon McNeill, the president of the global sales and services of Tesla, says it has been Tesla vision as a company to offer a single price for the maintenance, insurance and the actual cost of their cars.

The InsureMyTesla product is to save their customers money.

They want to keep them around forty to fifty percent in the next twenty-five years. Although, other factors area apart from a monthly bill of any auto insurance such as unexpected speeding tickets. Over time the customer using the InsureMyTesla product will save money.

Recent numbers conducted by Tesla car company says their features in their vehicles such as Auto Steering and Autopilot rank high in safety features. Auto Steering is a feature that will keep the car in its lane even on curves.

Tesla announced a forty percent decrease of the vehicle crashed just in the U.S. reports The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When you have features such as this in your vehicle, you are in less need for more benefits. When your car is safer, you will have lower auto insurance premiums saving you more money.


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