Hurricane Harvey Car Insurance In Houston

hurricane harvey

All due to Hurricane Harvey. Officials in Texas are estimating up to five-hundred thousand vehicles t the Houston area alone have some form of damage.   If your car was under water by this powerful hurricane that had record wind speeds, rainfall, and wide spread floods. In some places, the wind speed of Hurricane Harvey was up to one-hundred and thirty miles per-hour. Winds that fast will more than likely do some damage to all vehicles.

To get your car back into running safely there are some steps you should take. Once it is safe to be back in your area and return to your car. You should first start by dying out your vehicle and finding all damages. Do not start your vehicle if your motor was completely was under water.

Hurricane Harvey Did Damage To A Lot Of Cars

If your auto was completely under water due to the floods, you could cause severe damage just by trying to start your car. More than likely there is flood water in your engine cylinders. This can be very dangerous even to attempt to start your motor.

Your best bet would have your wheels towed to your mechanic. There, they will check the engine oil, transmission oil, and drain the existing oils and put in new oils. Make sure to ask your mechanic to check if there are any signs of water in either your transmission or engine oil.

If there is water in either of them your transmission and motor to your vehicle could be at a total loss and not be fixable. Flood waters will also do damages on any auto electronics and to the fuel tank. Even if your vehicle dries out completely after being under flood waters in time, your car will have more problems. If You have far reaching scope incorporation into your accident protection approach, and it was set up before the tempest, at that point, you ought to have scope to repair or supplant your vehicle.

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