Hot Cars, Children, And Pets: What The Law?

hot cars

A lot of parents don’t think about how hot cars can get in the summertime. For example, when it is 70 degrees outside, the inside of a car can reach 110 degrees. Either way, when you see a kid in a hot car with no parent around, you feel the instinct to save them immediately. But what about pets? Sitting in the hot car, with no owner around anywhere?

Unfortunately, saving either or could cause to receive a fine or handcuffed.

A vet in Georgia was arrested after saving a dog from a hot car. He first called the police but knew that there was no time to waste. Though police understood the reasoning for breaking into the car, they stated in an interview that there are no laws in place that make it ok. Luckily for the vet, all charges were dropped in his case.

When it comes to children and pets left alone in the car, legislation is lacking in laws. A lot of states do not have any laws about what to do when a child is alone in a hot car. Only 19 states have provisions that outlaw the leaving of children in the car with no supervision. Moreover, only 16 states have laws protecting pets in the same situation.

Hot Cars Can Mean Death For Children And Pets

However, the laws currently in place a bit confusing to some. There are good Samaritan laws that are legal protection against such instances. But, when it comes to every case of breaking into a car to save a child or pet, there may not be an appliance to the law.

Things become even more complicated when a pet is in a hot car. Though some states ban the in-attendance of a pet, some only ban them when the weather is “extreme”. Some allow for pets to be in cars if there are water and food available for the pet.

Nevertheless, one state is putting the rest to shame in this area: Tennessee.

In 2014, Tennessee became the first state that protects people from arrest if the reasonably break into a vehicle to save a child. The next year, they made sure to add pets to the provision.

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