Honda Clarity Electric Car Coming Out Soon

honda clarity

When it comes to electric cars, most only allow you to go without charging for 150 miles. However, the new 2018 Honda Clarity Electric bring more miles to the table.

Honda is selling the car for a great deal. People will be able to lease the models for $199, plus tax per month. All that’s needed for a down payment is $1,499. The lease is for 36 months, and those who lease out the car get 20,00 miles for the year. Unfortunately, if you want to buy the vehicle instead of leasing it, you are out of luck. As of now, they only way to receive the car is through a lease. The car comes with 24/7 roadside assistance,

Though the vehicle is lease-only, there is possible $2,500 tax rebate for the owner if they qualify. However, it is best to read the fine print for rebate programs in states that offer the discount. In the state of California, people with these new electric cars will have their own lane to drive on.

Honda Clarity Putting The Pressure On Other Electric Cars

Now you making may be thinking the deal for the car is too good to be true, and it very well might be. A brand new electric care with a range of only 89 miles is far behind other competitors such as the 151-mile 2018 Nissan Leaf.
The Tesla Model three is 200-miles. The best quality of the car is that there are zero emissions from the vehicle,.

With that being said there are benefits to having lower batteries because it makes for faster charge times. DC fast chargers allow for 80 percent battery life in under 30 minutes. Level 2 home chargers take around 3.5 hours to charge.
There is a benefit to the baby battery, though — charge times. With a DC fast charger, it’ll hit 80 percent battery capacity in just 30 minutes. At a Level 2 home charger, a fill-up takes about 3.5 hours.

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