Hertz Rent A Car Scams Customers Out Of Millions

Hertz Rent A Car

In San Francisco in mid-March, a lawsuit was filed claiming that Hertz Rent a Car was overcharging their customers in excessive fees. Hertz Rent a Car company is charging their clients about $25 for using PlatePass services when crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Hertz scammed their loyal customers out of millions.

Unfortunately, lots of rent car companies have found ways to raise the cost of their services unnecessarily. The Hertz Rent a Car case might even be illegal, time will only tell.

As many of us know, most rental car companies will charge more for gasoline, insurance and the so-called convenience of renting a vehicle from an airport. Here are a couple of the other fees you may be overpaying for with Rent Car companies:

Daily Loyalty fee

Some auto rental companies charge clients in their loyal programs an extra charge of about $1 a day to take care of the regulatory costs of the program. That might be justifiable, despite all the trouble for persistent travelers who appreciate the advantages of the prizes club. For example, updates or forgoing higher-cost expenses. However, ensure you realize what you agree to accept if you join such a program.

Early Return Fees

You may feel that if bring your vehicle back before the due date you’ll get acknowledgment for the good days. Not generally. A few organizations charge you a fee for bringing the car back ahead of schedule. However, others recalculate your day by day rate, which could wind up expanding your bill.

Regardless, you have the right to know what you are paying for, especially overpaying for a car rental. Don’t focus on the name brands. Look beyond the well-known Rent car companies. Always look for discounts and do your research on the Rent a Car company you choose.

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