Have You Been In A Crossover SUV Accident?

crossover SUV accident

If you’ve been in an accident which involved a crossover SUV, you are certainly not alone. Whether you were the driver of this type of sport utility vehicle, a passenger in the crossover SUV or a driver/passenger in another vehicle, you should know that finding the right legal representation will be the key to getting the monetary compensation that you deserve. While your auto insurance policy will likely cover at least some of the expenses related to your accident, your insurance coverage may not be enough to cover all costs. If this is the case, you may wish to sue the other party in the accident. If this party was at fault, you may be in line for lucrative compensation.

Examples of expenses which may be compensated, in the form of damages which are awarded to you by a judge (and paid by the defendant, who was found guilty in a court of law), include medical bills, expenses related to loss of income and expenses related to physical rehabilitation.

You’ll Need Proof via Paperwork

Of course, you will need to prove that the other party caused the crossover SUV accident. This is why it’s important to gather records. A good personal injury lawyer is the best person to consult to build a strong case. In most situations, police records at the scene of the accident will tell a story. The burden will be upon you to prove that you were hurt, so medical records will also be necessary.

An attorney may also interview witnesses who saw the accident take place. Attorneys often utilize private investigators to find out what witnesses saw on the day of the accident. Everything that your attorney does while he or she is representing you will assist you in getting a settlement.

Try for an Out of Court Settlement

You should be aware that although many cases of this type do end in court battles, even more of them are settled out of court. The truth is that an out of court settlement is typically a best-case scenario for the person who’s filed the lawsuit. Settling out of court negates the need for a stressful, risky and expensive court battle.

So, attorneys who do work personal injury cases, usually make a concerted effort to settle out of court. They do this by talking to opposing counsel, explaining their position and then trying to arrange a settlement that works for both parties.

If your case has to be settled in the courtroom, you should be aware that the court may find against you. Again, hiring a good, personal injury attorney with a strong reputation and excellent win-loss statistics will be the best defense against a bad result in court. This type of lawyer will also have the skills and savvy needed to spearhead an out of court settlement.

How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney

Do your due diligence in shopping for the best lawyer for your needs. You’ll find that most personal injury lawyers advertise their services online. Just add the keyword, “personal injury attorney”, plus your town or city, to get the ball rolling. This should help you to compare the win-loss statistics of a variety of lawyers who work in your area.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to pay an attorney and some of them charge very high rates. The odds are fairly good that you can find a lawyer who will only charge if you win a settlement. If the settlement is negotiated, a percentage of the compensation will go to your attorney. If you don’t have money to spend on legal representation, this arrangement may work well for you.

Now that you know the facts, you’ll be ready to decide which path to take. If you feel that you are not responsible for the accident, litigation is the right path to take.

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