Hands-Free Law In Effect, Flordia Drivers Beware


Texters in Florida, be warned! There is a new hands-free Florida law in effect. On Jan. 1, Florida law enforcement was able to begin ticketing those who are driving in a school or work zone with a phone in their hand.

Though this may seem like an inconvenience, it’s really not. Imagine that you are driving down the highway, and one of your friends sends you a text message. If you choose to look at your phone, you will have to pay the price for putting others’ lives at stake.

Most people understand that there is a considerable risk when you have your phone and are behind the wheel. According to the National Safety Council, one in every four car accidents in the U.S. came from someone texting and driving. The Hands-Free Florida low came about last October.

New Hands-Free Law In Effect In Florida

Though there was a grace period for folks, troopers are ready to start handing out tickets. For those who are first-time offenders, they will receive a fine of $30. A second offense will add three points on to your license as well as a moving violation on to your record. You may also have to see your day in court.

However, Brian Kemp, Driving School Tallahassee Communications Director, was able to speak on the topic. He says that it is essential for everybody to respect the new law. Talks about the law first began in 2013 when there was an actual ban on texting while driving. However, since the ban, the number of deaths from texting and driving has gone up astronomically.

But Brian feels that it is time to hold people more accountable while being behind the wheel. However, there are drivers who also don’t feel like other drivers will take the hands-free law seriously. Either way, with the new law, someone will pay!

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