Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles

self driving vehicles

Google’s self-driving autonomous vehicles are learning to master intricate situations on the road. From bicycles racing in traffic to vehicles going the wrong way on the road, Google is striving to achieve complete vehicle automation.

Since 2009, The Alphabet Inc. has developed autonomous cars. They say their self-driving vehicles are recording 2 million miles on public roads and continues logging test drive of around 25,000 miles every week.

Google is a leader in examining self-driving vehicles, forcing traditional automakers to amp up their autonomous plans. Google hasn’t announced a business strategy for their car project yet.

The company focuses on making vehicles completely autonomous, without needing a driver. They hope the cars will make for safer driving and more dynamic transportation options to the elderly and disabled. Last year, they said that these cars will be produced by 2020.

Their approach is in contrast with many automakers, including Toyota and Tesla. Toyota and Tesla are also moving closer to self-driving in increments, but currently still need drivers.

Tesla says they have more than 100 million miles logged using its somewhat self-driving Autopilot system since last October.

Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles

However, Dmitri Dolgov, head of Google’s self-driving technology effort says highway miles are easier than traveling busy cityroads. He says Google’s vehicles experience more intricate situations than following a car on the highway.

Dolgov says you need to have a full understanding of what’s actually on the road, every time you drive there is something different.

The car from Google detects whether an object moving is a kid or bicycle, and foresees both making unpredictable movements. The car’s driving system determines how the vehicle will react by calculating the chance of similar movements.

According to Dolgov, these complex social interactions are the most challenging element of self-driving technology.

According to a January report, the only company to compare to Google’s autonomous miles is Delphi Automotive. Delphi has logged 16,662 autonomous miles.

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