Germantown Driving Instructor Drives Drunk


Unfortunate news out of Germantown as one driving instructor chose to make a terrible decision. The instructor was so drunk while on the job that he forgot that there was a student in the car with him. According to a police video, the driving instructor can be seen hitting a gate, which then hit the school principal.

When it comes to driving lessons in Germantown, most students utilize Just Drive driving school. With that in mind, they were in shock to learn that the driving instructor was under the influence not only on the job but with a student in the vehicle. Surveillance video shows the student getting back into the car around 3:30 p.m. for Just Drive.

Germantown Driving Instructor Under The Influence Of Alcohol

According to officials, the instructor was Corey Malone. The video not only hows Malone making a U-turn, but he slowly backs into the gate. If that wasn’t enough, the gate then hits the school principal in the stomach.

As the footage goes on, viewers can see the principal trying to talk to Maline. However, Malone drives off while the student is in the back of the car.

One student, Abriana Duch, says that she now fears for other people who may take lessons from the company. Her father, David Duch, says that they drop her off and let her go. They’ve never felt the need to check the driver. Police say that the school was able to get in contact with Just Drive, who then was able to contact Malone. They told him to take the student back to the school.

When Malone came back to the school, officers were able to give him a Breathalyzer exam. According to the results, he blew a 0.35, which is over four times the legal limit. Malone was soon in police custody.

The school chose to send a letter out to the parents of the Germantown school explaining the situation and letting them know that no one was hurt during the incident. Also, that Just Drive will no longer have affiliation with any of the district campuses.

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