General Motors Company Says Driver-less Car Could Soon

general motors company

General Motors company, other automakers, and technology businesses say that the up and coming self-driving vehicles are around the corner. General Motors company says since the news about their self-driving came out a few years ago, people had become big fans of the cars to come in 2019.

In early January 2018, General Motors submitted their petition to the United States Department of Transportation. The General Motors business petition is looking for permission to operate fully autonomous vehicles. They will have no pedals or steering wheels for the year 2019. Also, General Motors company say the cars in creation, the Cruise AV, will come from a a standard mechanical production system. That is, once the national government allows for the cars to be in production in the US.

General Motors Company Creating Drive-less Cars For The Future

Dan Ammann, the chief financial officer of General Motors, says the self-driving automobile technology will have a significant impact on the world.  Later, the chief financial officer of General Motors says the company plans to launch a commercial type of ride. One from a shareable service on a business level in mid to late 2019. Their big plans will start in one large city in the US. Once the sales of the self-driving vehicle sales hit a high, the companies will move to other larger cities around the US. Then, they will move to other countries.

General Motors Business says the self-driving vehicles will more than likely be used by a service created by their company. They will not be for outside organizations such as Lyft or Uber, says Dan Ammann. If General Motor Company petition received approval, the Cruises Avs services will be first in Scottsdale or San Francisco. Both Scottsdale and San Francisco is where General Motors self-driving is subsidiary Cruise Automation has been conducting their tests.

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