Ford Motor Company Recalling 830,000 Vehicles

Ford Motor Company is recalling 830,000 vehicles in the U.S, including the Ford Escape, Ford Focus, and Mustang.

The Ford Motor Co is an American multinational automaker with headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. Henry Ford founded the company and joined on June 16, 1903. Ford continues to be the second-largest automaker in the U.S and the fifth-largest in the world.

The recent recall is due to the doors not latching correctly, and they may open while driving. In an announcement, Ford said that the recall is only for vehicles in warm-climate states because those areas have a higher rate of incidents. The recall is due to one reported accident, and one injury.

The recent issues bring the total number of recalled Ford vehicles with broken door latches to 2.5 million since 2014. In addition, Ford will offer a free one-time replacement of a broken door latch to areas that the recall doesn’t cover.

The recall includes the 2013-15 Escape, Focus and C-Max; the 2014-16 Transit Connect; and the 2015 Mustang and Lincoln MKC. However, it only covers states with solar loading and higher ambient temperatures, Ford said. Solar loading is the vehicle’s inside temperature increase from the heat of the sun.

Ford said the recall focuses on 16 states in the US.  This includes Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. In addition to the 766,682 vehicles in the U.S., it covers 61,371 vehicles in Mexico.

What To Watch For

Ford says the spring tab on the latch of the side-door is weak and may break in the newly recalled vehicles, either restricting the door from latching or allowing it to unlatch while in motion.

Ford is urging dealerships to replace the side door latches on these vehicles in the recent recalls in the Ford Motor Company.

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