Ford Motor Company Confirms US Ranger And Bronco Plans

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is trying to cash in with a pair of historical nameplates as their Bronco SUV, and Ranger midsize pickups return to the U.S in the upcoming years.

The Ranger will launch in 2019, and the Bronco is arriving in 2020. Media outlets began reporting the return of these vehicles’ over a year ago.

In 2018, Ranger production will start at the Michigan Assembly Plant. Ford didn’t say when the Bronco production would begin, but confirm both vehicles will also come to the Michigan Assembly Plant. These vehicles are to replace the CMax and Focus.

They are moving Focus production to Ford’s plant in Hermosillo. No plans have been announced yet for the CMax.

Ford’s president Joe Hinrichs says their customers want new vehicles that are capable and fun to drive. The Ranger is for truck consumers that want a functional and affordable pickup that’s “Ford Tough.”

For the thrill seekers that venture outside of the city, the Bronco midsize 4×4 is the perfect match.

The Ranger was recently available in the US in 2011, but they continue to sell them nationwide. In 1996 Ford ended production of the Bronco.

Ford Motor Company

Ford did not give very much information on the vehicles. However, Executive Chairman Bill Ford says that the Bronco will be comparable to the Ranger, and built on Ford’s T-6 midsize truck platform.

Ford says the Bronco will be a serious off-road vehicle.

Hinrichs says the Ranger will have the same architecture as the Ranger but will have a unique front-end style and other specific US designs.

Ford says there’s high demand for both vehicles. They have the capacity in their facilities and product development cycles to introduce these vehicles, and it couldn’t be at a better time.

Ford said the recovery of these vehicles will not cause any employment changes at the Michigan Assembly Plant. The Bronco is one of five new SUVs they are introducing nationwide by 2020.

He also says the company isn’t worried about the midsize pickup salvaging its respected F-150. Ford sold over 820,000 F-series trucks in 2016.

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