Finding Top Car Insurance Companies

top car insurance companies

Searching for the right car insurance company can ensure that you not only receive excellent rates but a better coverage for your vehicle as well. When looking into each of these companies, reading the reviews as well as the available coverage plans to help you make a decision of which of these options is best for you. Finding the right company from the top car insurance companies isn’t the most exciting task to undertake, we’ll admit. But remember, we don’t make these choices very often, and it’s well worth the investment of your time.

How to Choose One of the Best car insurance company?

When choosing from the top and best car insurance companies on the market, it is best to begin by reading the reviews from their customer’s experiences with the company. You will want to ensure that in the case of an accident that they pay out the agreed upon amount for the damages, but also did so in a timely manner. Try narrowing down your search initially to the top 5 picks. Once you have decided on your top 5, begin researching their available coverage policies, whether they ensure other vehicles and possessions to allow you to bundle insurance policies. And read up on their pricing. If you haven’t deducted any of your original 5 picks, or if you still haven’t decided on which company you want, start requesting quotes from the companies to see how much you will be paying for the policy of your choice.

The Top 4 Car Insurance Companies

The list of the top car insurance companies is a long one, and many rating sites will number them from best to worst solely based on the ratings they received from their customers. The most popular of the top car insurance companies in business today include AAA Auto Insurance, Esurance, GEICO, and Progressive. You have probably seen ads from these companies on television and heard them on the radio. And while they are just a few of the most popular brands, they have held up their reputation for being some of the very best.

AAA Auto Insurance

In business for more than 100 years, AAA auto insurance not only offers you an experienced automotive insurance provider, but competitive pricing on their insurance policies. They offer many different kinds of policies such as life, home, health, and more. This means that you are able to bundle these into a single bill, and ensure you are completely covered when and where you need to be. While many companies who haven’t been around as long may offer high-tech options, AAA auto insurance promises to connect you with a real person whenever you call in.


Esurance is considered to be one of the top car insurance companies in the market. There is no question as to why. They are not only offer excellent rates and customer service. Ensurance have even pulled their coverage into the digital world with an app for your smart phone. With this app, you can access and create claims directly from your phone, using photos and videos. With this app it will assist in getting your claim seen quicker. You will even be able to pull up quotes online to ensure that you are truly saving money by making a switch to their insurance.


You may recognize GEICO from their commercials on the television with their adorable gecko mascot. However, they truly take pride in their pricing and customer service. With their easy online-bill-pay, and automatic payment withdrawal. Even quick mobile app, you really couldn’t ask for more from your insurance company. They like to make the claim that your rates may go down by switching to GEICO and for bundling multiple policies such as car, motorcycle, home, renters, and more.


Progressive knows that the process for selecting insurance can seem daunting and that your time is precious. They know that it is a great advancement for their prospects to be able to shop for quotes quickly. This is why they allow you to compare quotes with other companies directly from their website. They even offer innovative ways to lower your rates. Such as a small device that you can connect to your car that reads your driving patterns and then adjusts your rates based on how you drive.

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