FCA Recalls Maserati Cars


Fiat Chrysler Vehicle NV’s Maserati recalled over 133,092 Ghibli and Quattroporte 2014 luxury cars in the United States.

The recall is due to the vehicles rolling away after drivers accidentally think they’ve put the car into the parking gear. Fiat Chrysler recalled over 1.1 million vehicles all over the world for the same issue in April 2016. Those vehicles included 2012-2014 Chrysler 200 Sedans, Dodge Chargers, and 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs because of a confusing gear shift lever.

The problems with the gear shift levers caused 308 reports of property damages, 212 amounts of cash, and 41 injuries. There were also reports of an open investigation in August by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Maserati North American says that NHTSA was not aware of any accidents or injuries in relation to their issues with the vehicles, although they recall receiving information about the use of the shifter and that the matter was under government investigation with Fiat Chrysler vehicles.

NHTSA says they sent complaints of the vehicles rolling away, even though Maserati says they received no complaints. NHTSA agency told Maserati in late May they should recall the cars due to the rollaway potential. On June 1st Maserati came upon an agreement to recall their vehicles. It went public the following Thursday by NHTSA. Maserati believes it could be a software re-flash problem and hopes to fix the rollaway issues later this year. On Wednesday, June 23, Fiat Chrysler said they were speeding up their software to fix the 1.1 million recalled vehicles.

Recent Incidents

The actor from the famous movie “Star Trek” Anton Yelchin was recently in a fatal car accident with a recalled Jeep Grand Cherokee due to the same rollaway risk. The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee killed the 27-year-old Anton Yelchin by pinning him against a fence and a mailbox. This fatal accident happened in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 19, 2016. Police reports have not determined if the recall for the risk of rollaway was to blame for his death.

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