Electric Vehicle Tesla x 75D Wins AAA Green Award


AAA’s Overall Top Green Vehicle award goes to the Tesla Model X 75D. Interest in electric vehicles is growing according to a survey on consumer attitudes.

The survey finds that 50 million, or 20% of Americans, plan to buy an EV for their next vehicle. This number has increased by 15% since last year. Meanwhile, 31% say they plan to buy a hybrid as their next car.

Sales records show that crossover utility vehicles have passed sedans in their popularity in the United States. However, there seems to be zero conflict with the growing appeal of EVs.

Last November, a study by IHS Markit projected that in 22 years, full internal combustion engines would still make up the majority of new car sales helped along by mild and full hybrid models. However, in only 13 years, cars that run only on gas or diesel may fall below the 50% mark.

IHS Markit believes EVs will make up more than 30% of new car sales in select markets that the study examined by the year 2040. The cost of battery packs is expected to decrease to a more affordable by 2030, allowing EVs to be more competitive.

Reasons for the Increasing Interest in Electric Vehicles

A factor for the growing amount of interest in electric cars in America is gas prices.

The prices now are some of the highest since 2014. Everyone always keeps an eye on the ever-fluctuating costs of gas. So as fuel costs increase, so does the public’s demand for vehicles that run off of other sources of power.

As of May 8, the average gas price is at $2.813. Last year, it was slightly lower at $2.347.

Another factor for the increasing interest in EVs is less concern about range anxiety. Before, many potentially interested in EVs expressed concern about finding places where they can charge their car at spots along their travel route. Another concern now lessened over the years was running out of charge while they were driving.

Out of all the factors when considering a new car, reliability is the most important for electric and hybrid cars. Other than that, crash ratings, cost, the handling of the vehicle, and new safety technology are the main concerns the public has.

One downside, however, is the charging time. While some think a maximum of 30 minutes is reasonable for a charge, that is not currently the reality of the situation.

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