Electric Cars Are Being Leased More so Than Bought

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Many new customers are preferring to lease their electric cars rather than buying the vehicles outright. However, doing so leaves the rest of us with wondering why? Auto specialist reminds us it is like buying a new cell phone. We always know there will be a new one coming out soon.

When purchasing or leasing an electric auto, you may still wonder if you should wait for the next best thing to come out or get the one you’re looking at.  When purchasing or leasing an electric car, you might get neat toys in the car. However, the next will always come out with better and faster gadgets to play with. For this reason, more and more people are leasing their electric cars instead of buying them off the lot.

Why Are More People Leasing Electric Cars Instead Of Buying Them In 2018?

In the past four to five year electronic vehicles have become very popular worldwide. There are more types of electric autos. Charging the cars have gone down and the overall performances of electric cars are off the charts. All good news for charging vehicles, but how does it leave the people who bought some of the first electronic autos in 2011?

Especially now that the Tesla Model 3 will be hitting the roads. It is indeed an upgrade from the electric cars that came out in 2011. If the people who bought those cars in 2011 instead of leasing may be in a pickle, but for the people who are just leasing may have a chance to get their hands on the better models of 2018.

Leasing will be the ticket to never missing out on the latest and greatest when it comes to the electric vehicles. Eighty percent of cars in the electronic field are being leased. The number has been rising every year in recent reports.

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