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When it comes to high-end electric bikes, they can cost thousands of dollars. Most folks delivering food can not afford a thousand dollar bike. However, Bolt, an e-bike startup, is offering their bikes for a week-to-week rental. The reason for this is that they believe a person on an electric bike should be able to make more deliveries and earn more money than someone using a car.

According to the CEO and co-founder of the bikes, Mina Nada, electric bikes are better for food delivery. Couriers on regular bikes struggle when it comes to hills and long shifts. Mopeds aren’t cheap and have certain parking restrictions that many don’t know about. Drivers spend too much time trying to find parking. Electric bikes can navigate up hills, sidewalks, and parks. Also, they can navigate through traffic easily. However, most couriers don’t want to invest in the bikes because they can range into thousands when it comes to prices.

Electric Bikes More Cost-Efficient Than Cars For Deliveries

Nada says that most people on doing bike deliveries don’t do so for long. Most folks holding these positions are trying to make ends meet while being in-between jobs. Also, in their findings, Nada says that people who do food delivery tend not to be doing well financially and don’t want to have to purchase a bike. Her company helps to provide them with a form of microfinance.

Bolt not only seels the bikes, but they offer their customers a one-week free trial offer. After the trial is over, the rider can rent the bike for $39 a week. There is also the option to rent to own. Now, $39 a week for someone working minimum wage may be on the high end; it is less in the long run when it comes to spending money on gas.

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