Elderly Couple Survives 6 Days In Rental Vehicle

elderly couple

In Southern Utah, an elderly couple from Texas was on their vacation when things turned bad. The older couple survived six days in their rented car. If it wasn’t for their rental they don’t know if they would have made it the six days out in Southern Utah.

On October 2nd, 2017 a local rancher found Helena Byler on the side of the road while he was out checking on his animals on his farm. The Chief Deputy of Kane County Sir. Alan Alldredge says the seventy-eight-year-old woman was in dire need of hydration. After finding Helena Byler, there was a search and rescue mission to find her beloved husband, Gerald Byler.

Elderly Couple Survives Being In The Wild

Gerald Byler is seventy-six years old. The search and rescue teams on the helicopter found Gerald Byler SOS sign. He made the sign out of rocks and flowers that were nearby. The older gentleman was found in severe pain and was able to move the local hospital. Gerald Byler was in dire need of water when they saw him. He was, however, able to speak with rescuers asking for his wife.

Local health authorities report that Gerald Byler is still in the hospital, but it expects to survive. His wife Helena only needed to stay one night at the hospital. Helena Byler says they stayed in their rental vehicle for most of the time but wanted to venture out to find help, and that is where everything went bad for us.

Police of Kane county says the couple would not have lived another day out there without some shelter and water. The elderly couple was lost in a no cell phone coverage area that can go up to months without a car or people coming through it. The Texas couple survived off puddles of water from the rainfall days before. They had eaten all the little bit of food they did have.


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