Driving Schools Come Up With New Course

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Driving schools and their staff have been brainstorming for the past few years for their students and future students safety. Many teenagers just want to fly by their driving school classes. They just want to get on the road. Driving can be hazardous especially when it comes to a new driver and even more when they’re just a teenager. If you want your teenager to take driving as dangerous as life or death maybe it is time for them to get some real-world experience. There is a new course.Currently, some new driver still should not take the course until ready. However, the teacher hopes in time it will be for future new drivers.

The name of the class is Street Survival Course. It is one of its first courses of its kind in Richmond. The street survival course puts teens and new drivers behind the wheel in scary real-life situations. The latest class is meant to scare teens into taking driving more seriously. The reason being accidents can happen all the time while driving. The new drivers will be put to the test in a safe vehicle with scary situations with a driving teacher coaching them along.

Driving Schools Come Up WIth New Course To Scare Teens Into Being Good Drivers

The idea came about from one of the driving instructors Steven Rivera. He says he is proud of how this one class affects the new driver’s attitude. Especially while behind the wheel of a car. Rivera says when students first arrive, they aren’t taking it seriously. He says he sees some of them rolling their eyes here and there at first. Most of the students will complain, stating my parents are making me take this course when I am already a good driver.

The street survival course is preparing new drivers for all types of situations that other institutions may not offer. Some of the cases the students participate in include tailgating, tailgaters, hard braking, skid control, unexpected lane changes, and more. The one-time street survival course costs only seventy-five dollars and takes one full day to complete. Steven says the new drivers do a one-eighty change in their attitude after this course and take driving more seriously.


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