Disabled Racers Driving School For Opening Soon

Disabled Racers

Frederic Sausset is a quadriplegic, and the first to finish the 24 Hours of Le Mans as the 56th entrant. Now Sausset will be launching a driving school for young disabled racers. He also plans on getting at least one of his drivers to participate in the French endurance classic. This will occur hopefully by the year 2020.

The ambitious project is backed by the Loir-et-Cher. It will launch during the Le Mans Test festival under the name “A Steering Wheel For All.”

Sausset became a quadriplegic back in 2012 after getting a bacterial infection. He says that his project is garnering a lot of attention and that he was able to get the FIA and ACO to back up his idea.

He states that he will be recruiting drivers from all across the nation. Sausset also says that the idea to build the school came to him back in April 2016.

Sausset enjoys racing and being a part of in the racing world. Jean Todt, President of FIA, joined the initiative immediately and told Sausset that he was the perfect person to bring the project to life.

Driving School For Disabled Racers Opening Soon

At least 30 participants will be examined by December, and out of the group, six will be selected as drivers. By February, the top three will move on to the training program. The program will be taught by driver coach Christophe Tinseau and Sausset himself.

The end goal is to have a team of drivers who can join the world of endurance racing and take it to the next level.

The plan behind “Steering Wheel For All” is to break down walls in the motorsport category. Sausett wants his drivers to excel, so he wants to teach them everything starting at the beginning.

More information on the project, which is also looking to add mechanics and engineers to join the team, will be avaiklable at Le Mans later on this summer.

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