Crazy Items That Were Left In Rental Cars


Car rental agencies such as Avis Rent a Car has seen their fair share of crazy items left behind when customers return their vehicles. Below is a list of some of the craziest things they have found.

Box of pig eyes
I know, gross right? However, the eyes were rolling around on the floor of the car. The pig eyes were sure in a package that was for use for medical research. Fortunately, Avis has in a place a return policy that allows for customers to receive their items back.

Cremation Urn

Some people go through so many emotions while in the grieving process, it’s understandable how one could forget a cremation urn.

Wedding rings
A lot of people take off their wedding rings and misplace them at home. However, leaving one in a rental car can make one panic something terrible. When it’s your car, you can easily go searching for it. Unfortunately, when it’s a rental car, that car can be anywhere!

Crazy Items Found In Rental Cars


Losing a hairpiece sounds crazy. How do you lose something that is supposed to be on your head? We’re you in a hot and heavy makeout session, and it fell off? Where you in such a rush, it fell off as you were exiting the vehicle. Either way, you’d think one would notice.

False teeth

Now leaving your false teeth on a table or in the bathroom after brushing them makes sense, but how do you forget them in a rental car?

Prosthetic Limb

Though one may think that it’s impossible to forget a prosthetic limb in rental care, however, it is possible. Most people remove their prosthetic limb before going to bed. It’s possible that this person was on vacation and wanted to go for a swim. Or maybe they were in such a rush they left it in the back seat. Still, not the weirdest item found after the return of a rental car.


Leaving small items such as wallets or rings is not so uncommon when it comes to leaving something in a rental car. But how does one leave behind a mattress?

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