Consumer Reports Releases Top Vehicle Picks List for 2019

Consumer reports

The combination of lower gas prices, the need for versatility, and critical safety features have led to one consensus. Consumers tend to prefer SUVs now more than cars. Because of this shift in preference, it makes sense that many of the top Consumer Reports picks are SUVs.

Josh Fisher, a Consumer Reports Car Expert, says they’re looking at their private reliability data as well as their tests on their test track. They are even looking at the safety information, basically anything crucial to consider when buying a car.

The top sub-compact SUV is the Hyundai Kona. Testers that drove it found it exciting to drive. Many were impressed that each trim comes standard alongside life-saving technology such as forward collision warnings, lane keeping assist, and of course, automatic emergency braking.

What’s on the Consumers Reports List this Year?

According to Fisher, there were two Subaru SUV’s on the top list this year.

The ever-popular Forester made the top spot for compact SUV. Sporting a roomy inside along with a top of the class fuel economy, who wouldn’t love it? For those that need more room, the Ascent made it to the top spot of CR’s list for midsized SUV’s with its three rows of seating.

The Ascent offers tons of room with a lot of functionality, according to Fisher. While this is a new entry for Subaru, it’s one based on some of their later models. The Ascent even has the same underpinnings as it’s cousin the Forester. Fisher says they expect the reliability of the vehicle to be good like the Forester is.

If you’re ready to spend a little money and treat yourself, the BMW X5 made it to the top luxury SUV in CR’s list. The redesigned 2019 model is lauded as one of the best SUV’s CR has ever tested.

Also on the Consumers Reports list for 2019 are four models from Toyota that include hybrid versions of both the Avalon and the Camry sedans. The Prius and Yaris also have hybrid versions as well. And last but not least is the Ford F-150 as the top full-sized pickup for this year.

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