Consumer Auto Reports On New 2017 Vehicles

consumer auto reports

There is a recent vehicle reliability ratings on twenty-seven differ brands of car models from The Consumer Auto Reports. Some of the top vehicles for the year 2017 include Lexus, Kia, and Toyota. While on the other hand, the one’s with lowest rating were Cadillac, GMC, and Dodge Ram. The Consumer Auto Reports proved that newly redesigned car models are more than eighty-percent likely to have bad engines. Also, even worse transmissions. They also report that the new car models that incorporate high-tech features such a GPS systems, DVD players, would outright fail.

An expert that works at Consumer Auto Reports Jake Fisher says troubles often come when the new tech has added the vehicles. He says people who buy these cars complain of problems with their redesigned car models. Anywhere from complete transmission failure, poor shifting of the car itself to tech problems. The most extreme problems are coming from the models such as Subaru Impreza, GMC Acadia, and Buick Lacrosse. Another common problem with all of these automobiels are the vehicles built-in computer systems.

Consumer Auto Reports On 2017 Vehicles

New car owners of these three types of vehicles are showing increasing troubles almost twice as much as older vehicles. They also did an upgrade on the computer system of each vehicle every year to keep up with new technology. However, they are still failing at this point. The Subaru Impreza model that was remade in 2016 was a great, very reliable car. Yet, owners were reporting problems with its tech systems. Some of the troubles from the reports were with the rear-view camera freezing and issues with pairing their cell phone devices. Also poor radio connections. Tesla Model X SUV with the all-electric system is last in place beaus of its many problems with the body hardware, pain, trim, climate systems and falcon-wing doors.

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