Chicago Car Show To Be Underway Soon

chicago annual show

The Chicago Annual Auto Show has been around for many years and has been known as the United States best-attended auto exhibition. So auto companies will not miss the Annual Chicago Auto Show for nothing. Chicago Auto Show may not get as much attention as the even more significant vehicle shows. Especially those in New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit. However, there is still plenty of new cars, trucks, and toys to see.

One of the newest vehicles to see if the Volkswagen Arteon CC. The Volkswagen Arteon CC is almost a second Volkswagen Arteon and has a lot of the same features. Volkswagen auto company says the newest Volkswagen CC is an updated vehicle of ours just with a new name. The Volkswagen CC is one of the tops most stylish cars on the floor at the Chicago Annual Auto Show.

Chicago Annual show

The VW auto company relieved their updated model Volkswagen Arteon at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. The car sits as a midsize vehicle, and the company hopes to break through the weak market of the newsiest vehicles for 2019. VW auto company is based in Germany brand banks. Also, one og the newest features in the VW Arteon car is the peppy powertrain and exclusive safety gadgets.

The VW Arteon CC has two hundred sixty-eight horsepower and a turbocharged two-liter motor with the most standard eight-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle also has the option of four-wheel drive for people in the northern parts of the United States.

Another car that at the Annual Chicago Auto show was the Nissan 370Zki or the 370-ski. A lot of customers have been excited to see what Nissan was going to come out with this year at the auto show. The 390-ski has three hundred and thirty-two horsepower under that beautiful hood of the car. Yes, this vehicle has front wheels with skis, and the rear wheels have tracks like on a bulldozer. The 370-ski can go skidding through the drifts in the nasty winter weather.

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