Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Expedition Tied for Longest Kept Vehicle

Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Expedition

Even with the barrage of new car ads, the best strategy money-wise is to keep your vehicle for a long time. That means well past the end of your car payments if possible. And which vehicles do drivers seem to keep the longest? Car research site, says it’s a tie between the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Expedition SUV. Both vehicles were kept by owners for an average of 9 years. That’s compared to other cars that have an average of 7.4 years.

Furthermore, even with the Corvette’s surprising longevity, owners tend to treat the iconic sports car as a hobby and take special care of them.

The rest of the cars on the top 10 list has four more SUVs, three sedans, and one minivan.

CEO of, Phong Ly, says that there are many contributing factors to the longevity of a car. These factors can include its function shown by the dominance of family-centric vehicles or due to a fondness for timeless classics like the Chevrolet Corvette.

What Vehicles Placed Just below the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Expedition?

The next two on the top are the Toyota Sequoia and Toyota 4Runner SUVs along with the Toyota Avalon sedan. Two more SUVs follow those next. The Ford Explorer and the Chevrolet Suburban. The Honda Accord and Ford Taurus respectively rank No. 8 and 9. And in tenth place is the Honda Odyssey minivan.

Like the SUVs, minivans tend to be the perfect family vehicles. Owners are likely to hold onto them until their children have grown up.

All the vehicles that made the top 10 list tend to stay with a family for at least eight years.

Although the larger family vehicles dominate the list, sedans also tend to have a group of loyalists that keep them for a long time. A study shows that the three sedans on the top ten list, the Avalon by Toyota, Honda’s Accord, and the Ford Taurus, have massive amounts of spacious seating and plenty of cargo room.

Those three sedans are also some of the vehicles that are likely to reach 200,000 miles before their life ends.

In contrast, a notable absence from this list of automobiles is any luxury vehicle. Surprisingly, luxury owners tend to opt for the extreme opposite. The majority of these luxury cars lease for three years or less.

To measure the longevity of vehicles, looked into 6 million vehicles five or more years old sold used between January of 2013 and end of December 2017. Each model’s average measured from the date it first went on sale.

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