Leasing Cars May Finally Be A Thing Of The Past


In the first six months of 2017 car leasing fell. This was the first significant drop in numbers since the beginning of 2012. Car leasing before the large decrease was going up slightly, in increasing its leasing auto sales. Now there is something else to make the auto industry nervous.

Leasing in just 2017 has declined almost 10 percent.

Most of the new-vehicle purchases of in the first six months of this current year hav been to owners. Auto car specialist says that it is only a minor decrease in its percentages than it was earlier this year. Out of 2.1 million vehicles, there was a 4.4 percent fall from vehicles being leased in the United States since January 2017. As for the vehicles that are new-vehicle purchases and not leased only decreased 2.2 percent. This makes the fall in leased autos two times as much loss.

The Executive Director of the Industry Analysis Jessica Caldwell says the steady growth we have seen over the past four consistency years of renting vehicles  to own may be over. She also adds that the growth might be over. On the Othwe hand, leasing vehicles in the United States countries to be most popular among new car shoppers. Jessica Caldwell, the Executive Director, stated that in the auto industry we see more trade-ins, drop-offs to start to lease a vehicle.

Car shoppers are trading in their used cars to lower the length of their loans. As well as the price for leasing their new vehicle. At this time, big automakers are making it more reliant on their customers to trade in and drop off their vehicles. They are becoming first time car buyers or leasing a vehicle for the first time. The outlook for renting cars to own may still be the most common. There is not any hope that it will continue to increase anytime soon says, Jessica Caldwell.


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